By Jyothi Menon

The Angry Earth

An imaginary tale, told truthfully

There’s no point denying it – our future is at the knife’s edge because of our own mindlessness. Our children are now growing up in vertical cities – apartments that are miles high in the sky. Their feet are not able to develop the intelligence that their soles are capable of. They cannot differentiate between sand and clay. Their naked feet know only the cold of the marble floor or the indifference of the ceramic tiles. If you don’t know your soil, how will you protect it when someone poisons it right under your feet?!

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Jyothi Menon

Jyothi Menon is a force of nature. It is very difficult to define her or slot her in one or two or even three dimensions. Beyond being one of the few women leaders in the corporate world, she is an artist with an impressive portfolio of paintings. She has brought up her special needs daughter who today is a wonderful artist herself. And amidst this, she has found the space in her life to write with unfettered passion.

Jyothi is now out with her sixth book, titled The Angry Earth. It talks about the impact of global warming and climate change and why it is necessary to educate the younger generation about the world that they are going to inherit.

Jyothi deeply believes that people like her, those with good jobs, and ones who can leverage technology – don’t get involved enough. That is why there is so little support for the indigenous populations and hardly any conversations about them or their habitats. 

The Angry Earth is not just an endeavor but a desperate cry for action. It is imperative to create awareness about protecting our very existence. And it starts first with becoming conscious of the soil beneath our feet.

Sudha Murthy on The Angry Earth

Jyothi has brought the issue of climate change and the precariousness of our very existence upfront in our consciousness through this beautiful story. It is now upto each one of us to join her voice and start the work of ensuring a future for our planet.

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I always wondered about the animals and the birds, especially in the rain. I wondered why God didn’t teach them to create nests in places that would shelter them from the rain. I wondered if the chicks and the young of these birds and animals would catch a cold getting drenched in these rains. Wouldn’t they fall sick?

The Angry Earth

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